Sandor Kwiatkowski was born September 24, 1965 in Interlaken (Bern), under the sign of Libra. He
attended the Swiss-German school of Muralto, and after high school he went to Papio College in
Ascona where in 1986 he obtained a D-type federal maturity.

Sandor has been drawing since he was a young boy. In 1986, he decided to enroll himself in the
CSIA perfection course of Lugano, and in 1989 he obtained a diploma as a graphic illustrator
In 1984, a series of his paintings was featured in a show at the Papio College in Ascona, along with
the work of two of his colleagues, Lele Hofman and Lucio Pedroni. After this show, he continued to
improve his ability in the airbrush technique, and he completed several paintings in this style. His
work was presented at several art gallery exhibitions.
In October 1995, he presented a new series of painting in an exhibition with Alberta Jacqueroud at
the Electricity Company Sopracenerina in Locarno.

After a period of reflection, he dedicated his time to computer graphics, in particular developing
electronic video games. In the year 2000, he started to paint again. He then participated in the third
edition of “Painter at the film festival of Locarno”.

He also currently designs CD covers for bands/artists such as: Jungle, Clepsydra, Snowhite,
Changes, Shakary, Freedom, William Red Rossi. In 2006 he did the CD artwork for AMPLIFY
(featuring Rachel Z., Bobbie Rae & Tony Levin) and in 2007 Rachel Z.'s new project "Dept. of
Good and Evil".

In 2012 he designed the Artwork for Zenit's new album "The Chandrasekhar Limit".

In January 2014, in collaboration with Mark Wilkinson, he designed the 4 remastered CDs by
Clepsydra ("Hologram", "More Grains Of Sand", "Fears" and "Alone") for the limited deluxe box
"3654 DAYS".
February 2014: he designed the poster and the T-Shirt for the "RoSfest 2014" (Rites of Spring
Festival) in Gettysburg, PA, USA.

February 2015: he designed the poster and the T-Shirt for the "RoSfest 2015" (Rites of Spring
Festival) in Gettysburg, PA, USA.
March 2015: he designed the Artwork for the DVD "Clepsydra - Live @ Rosfest 2014" and the
Artwork for the debut album of Dutch progressive rock band "Armed Cloud" ("Obsidian Desert").
He designed the official posters for "Night Of The Prog Festival XI - Loreley Amphitheater" (2016)
and "Night Of The Prog Festival XII - Loreley Amphitheater" (2017) (Germany).

2017: He designed the Artwork for the album by British Progressive Rock Band "This Winter
Machine" ("The Man Who Never Was") and the Artwork for the album "VIII" by Swiss' Rock Band
"May Day".

He also has an outstanding collection of surrealistic art created through photomanipulation. He
continues to add to his portfolio.​​​​​
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